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Energy Medicine

Sandi Roberts, Knoxville, Maryland

Healing Energy is the Road to Health and Wholeness

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed or just not getting well? Your energies could use some balancing!
Eden Energy Medicine was created by Donna Eden who is the leading expert on self help energy medicine techniques. When there are chronic imbalances in the energetic field, physical and mental ailments begin to manifest. An energy session will help discover which energy systems need balancing. Energy systems are found in and around our bodies. Testing the different systems can help to pinpoint where the energies are not balanced. The session will focus on bringing balance within each system which helps set the stage for the body to turn on its own healing abilities.

I am trained in Donna Eden's Energy Medicine as an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and I am a Faculty member for the Certification Program. And I'm a Level 1 Fundamentals Teachers and the facilitator for the East Region Level 2 Certification Program for the Eden Method.

Level 1: Fundamentals

Learn The Fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine So You Can Bring Healing To Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

"The foundation course is amazing...I feel like I have a new community"



"I see such across the board application. And the fact that you can teach people to heal themselves…because I've found that"


"I think it's accessible to all, and that's what makes the work so important to me" 

- Cathy