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Level 1 students practicing techniques they learned in class

Eden Method
Level 1: Fundamentals

Learn The Fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine So You Can Bring Healing To Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Take Control

Take an active role in the healing of yourself and your loved ones and say goodbye to feelings of powerlessness.

Manage Pain

Learn treatments for pain so you can potentially lessen or completely remove any dependencies on pain medication.

Shift Your Energy

Develop your own unique gifts when it comes to moving, directing or shifting energy in the body. You will leave class a more confident healer

What Students are Saying

"I have found it to be so incredibly practical. It's something I use daily, it's definitely made a difference in my health. And you're encouraged to take control."                                          

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Level 1: Fundamentals Classes Empower You with the Tools and Techniques to Bring About Extraordinary Healing.

You have an incredible reservoir of healing power already inside you. And your body wants to heal. It’s just that in today’s world, with all of our modern-day stressors of exhausting work schedules, perfection parenting, fast paced EVERYTHING… our energy can become sluggish or blocked and over time, this can lead to lowered immunity, anxiety, and/or illness.

With Eden Energy Medicine, we tap into that reservoir of healing power within you so it can start doing what it wants to do… heal. And because Donna can see energy, her method combines the best of ancient healing systems with simple techniques that she’s developed to create the best possible energy environment for healing.

Imagine being able to see what works and develop a system based on how the energy moves.

That’s what you’ll get with Eden Energy Medicine. Everything you need to activate the body’s own inner healer.

Level 1: Fundamentals

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Level 2: Certification Program


Eden Method Level 2

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